Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Lust List

Ah the birds are tweeting, the wind is breezing and the people are smiling. To think that just last week we had three snowstorms. New York City has to be bipolar. Regardless of that fact, this weather has me in a happy, cheerful mood. I feel so, so...springy. I don't know if that's a word. But in my dictionary:

 Springy /ˈspriNGē/ adjective to crave all things spring

And for me that obviously starts with clothing and accessories! I couldn't avoid making this list of items I'm lusting this spring.

1. Shoes. One year it was Converses, for two years it was TOMS and now I want Vans. But not any kind of Vans, I want the metallic ones that sparkle under the sun with each step you take.

2. Bag. This metallic azure color just makes me happy, okay? Okay. Being that I attempt to stuff everything I've ever owned in life into my school bags, I think this bag would only be fitting for my weekend travels (as if I actually need anymore bags, so maybe instead it would make a nice 3D masterpiece that I can admire every time I open my closet doors). 

3. Blazer. The amount blazers I have in my closet (some yet to be worn) is no joke. But how can I possibly avoid the temptation when blazers have the dazzling effect of dressing up any outfit. And as many blazers as I own, I don't own one in this rose pink color, which will add to my cheerful, springy mood.

4. Necklace. It is on a very rare occasion that you will find me without a bejeweled interlacing chain dangling from my neck. This spring will be no exception and the bigger statement it makes the better.

5. Journal. With college I find very little time for myself, let alone time to even write for my personal enjoyment. During my freshman year of college I kept a journal on my laptop to document my semester. But now I rarely have time to sit down and write in it. This mini journal will make it easier for me to jot down my notes as I simultaneously balance the required task New Yorkers face during rush hour, strap hanging on my way to class.

6. Pants.  I'm usually a denim girl, but I guess not every corporate office would appreciate my powder blue distressed denim jeans. So for professional purposes, pants are a must, but they are also light and more airy. Plus pants can be dressed up or down. Recently, I've also been buying patterned pants. They are so amazing.

hat | coat | passport cover | clutch | jeans | book | duffel bag

7. Hat. What's that? A hat. Crazy, junky, funky hat. I don't think I've ever owned a sunhat. But to think of it I've also never been a hat person. Even during the winter I would try to get away from wearing hats. Why? Because it hid my hair and made me look like a boy, I told my mother. But now I wear hats all the time- regular hats, leather caps, bowler hats and so on. So it's time to add a sunhat to the list.

8. Coat. I wouldn't really consider this a coat, but rather a long cardigan or long blazer. Long cardigans seemed to be a trend this winter. I couldn't put my hands on any particular one that I liked. But I really love the white on this one.

9. Passport Cover. In my Renew, Refresh, Repeat post, I said one of my goals was to travel this summer. In order to do that I have to get my passport ready and stylin' too. This one is obviously way more money than I'd been willing to spend on a passport cover, but it's just an idea of what I'd want. 

10. Clutch. Another one of the things I don't own. I never really understood how useful it would be for me, being that I love to pack on a lot of stuff when I go out. But this holographic clutch is too cute and on trend (not that I follow trends much anyway).

11. Jeans. Nothing wrong with adding more denim in your wardrobe just for the sake of variety. And I simply just love this pair. 

12. Book. My lovely friend gifted me with the fabulous Girl Boss book by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. I was so close to finishing the book over winter break, but then college drained all my free time away. Once I finish the few pages left and mediate over them, I want to look through Alexa Chung's It. This book has a lot of mixed reviews, but I'd like to make my own judgement first.

13. Duffel Bag. I love the nautical look. It reminds of me of the water, ships and boats, but most importantly, summer! This would complement my passport cover for travelling purposes or even a girl's night in sleepover.

Spring is not the only thing that has me in a cheerful mood. As you may or may not know, I've hit one hundred followers! I've also been awarded the Liebester Blogger Award from three fellow bloggers. Although this is a smaller achievement on the grander scale of things, I believe it is worth noting. I want to thank everyone for their support. And to celebrate, I will be doing an FAQ and outfit post in one (I know you guys haven’t seen any of my outfits yet). Most of the FAQ questions will come from Liebester questions asked by my three fellow bloggers, but I will also take questions from you! Leave me all your wonders of the world below and I’ll answer them in a post that will come out some time during the spring.
What are you lusting this spring? Also don’t forget to leave me your questions below!

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