Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Morning Reads

Being that most of my assignments are online, it makes it really easy for me to wander the waters of the web and get lost in its waves. Essentially, this all means I have a bad habit of using the internet to procrastinate. I tell myself I'll just click one link and then it leads to another then another. But I've decided to develop the negative into a positive and share with you guys some of my favorite links. 

1. As a native New Yorker whose goal is to go to France this year, there's no better way to compare "the City of Lights and the City that Never Sleeps"

2. Nike is doing something different and it includes the phrase "I can't." Forgoing their usual "Just Do It" Nike is translating the inner thoughts of a woman into motivation

3. Have you seen Rihanna's "American Oxygen" music video? Rihanna has been known to evolve and change with every album and it seems like she's taking this video in a political direction.

4. Amandla Stenberg stirred up a lot of reaction in her role as Rue of Hunger Games and she's stirring the pot once again with this school video project about cultural appropriation. This is a must watch.

5. I'm pretty sure I was not that kid in kindergarten drooling over jelly sandals. I would be the last person you would expect to appreciate them, but I like these grown up jelly sandals

6. Do you want to start your own fashion business or any business or brand for that matter? Well Proenza Schouler has some advice for you.

Did you like any of these links as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Award Shows & Fashion Flows (A Weekend in Review)

As I was consumed within exams and assignments, I missed three award shows (although one will air on TV tonight) within one weekend. This was one weekend ago. Although I missed the award shows you know I couldn’t miss the fashion and as late as I am I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share with you my favorite looks of that weekend. So once again, I present to you my (not-so-timely) Weekend in Review.

Chris Brown went for a casual jeans and tee look. His jacket was what stood out to me and of course, would stand out to anyone with it's neon pink and green colors.  The jacket definitely pulls his look together and makes his casual look more appropriate for an award show.

I've never associated Iggy with being a style icon. But lately she's been showing people another side of her as her outfits scream I can do fashion too. I love the combo of the mesh top along with her vest. I'm going to need to add something similar to this in my closet, but with less boob cleavage. I love the way her top and shoes complement the print in her pants and bring out the black.

Zendaya went for the same color scheme as Chris as she sported a green top with high neckline and cutouts on the side, along with pink bandeau. She added a zebra print (which incorporate other prints) skirt and pink stilettos to match her bandeau. Zendaya has been experimenting with her style a lot lately. Not many people would be able to pull of this quirky look. 

Traci Ross Ellis went for a simple, yet elegant look. Her white and metallic dress looks amazing on her. Not many people can pull of a long slit that stops mid-thigh or a one shoulder look, not to mention combining the both together.

Oh Janelle, I just adore Janelle Monae's style. She went for a complimentary two piece look- a black and white crop top along with a midi striped skirt. She made a great choice in throwing on her red floral print coat before she walked out the door. She looks fabulous! I also love that she's natural and rocking her curls. 

The founder of Black Girls Rock, Beverly Bond made a grand statement with this Cinderella blue dress. What better way to show that Black Girls Rock than using her dress to poke towards African Americans being (Disney) princesses too. I didn't know who she was, but her dress made me make a double take and find out. Although it is hard to see the dress seems to have a holographic-metallic sheen, which I love.

For a children's award show, I found this romper to be a little short and maybe a little inappropriate too. For anything else, I would definitely approve of this look. Mandy Capristo white piece paired with her white heels would look great and more fitting at a summer party or get together. The silver designs are also very eccentric.

Being that I've watched Jessie, a show on which Skai Jackson starred in I was blown away by this look. On the show, she is the youngest child, but here she's definitely not afraid to let people know that's she growing up. I love this look being that you can make it work anywhere. I can see myself wearing something like this for a mid-day snack or brunch. 

I'm really in love with Emilia McCarthy's dress. Wearing white seems to be a theme this award season. I love the way this boxy top part of the dress makes its transition as it flows into the pleated skirt section of the dress. The mesh material of the dress also makes it interesting in that you can see a solid white piece underneath.

Which look was your favorite? And do you think Mandy Capristo's look was appropriate for the Kid's Choice Awards?

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