Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We're Moving!!

After less than a year of blogging at culturedmisprint.blogspot.com, I've decided to make the move to culturedmisprint.com!

If you would like to keep receiving updates, follow Cultured Misprint on Bloglovin. I will no longer be using GFC. I would like to thank you all for the support and hopefully you'll choose to continue on my new and improved blog. Make sure to check out my new blog post where I share my morning routine, my style icon and more! See you there.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Travel Tuesdays|| DanceAfrica 2015 Bazaar

Two weeks ago, I attended the DanceAfrica 2015 Bazaar. To be honest, in the beginning, I was a little disappointed. From the name of the event I assumed it would be enriched in African culture. This drew me to point out every little detail that I thought was "un-African". However, the deeper I got into the bazaar, I realized it wasn't just about Africa. The bazaar was a celebration of all that has come from Africa, which has touched other parts of the world including the Caribbean. There was a lot of Caribbean culture infused within the bazaar- flags and food and more. 

As you look through these pictures makes sure to play this song, which I discovered recently and interestingly enough incorporates a fusion of Caribbean and African beats.

Although, the bazaar was filled with shops, I found it more comforting as a place to hang out with friends and eat rather than actually shop. In my experience in purchasing African items, I found the many of the items there to be overpriced. But hey what do you expect when you're in Downtown Brooklyn, which has now become an extension of the city (otherwise known as Manhattan).

I also have to add, although, I attended the event with others, I had the opportunity to interact with many people. They were all friendly.

I would definitely recommend for others to attend the bazaar next year for food, fashion, friends and a fusion of cultures!

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