What is Cultured Misprint ™?

cul·tured adjective/ˈkəlCHərd/  the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another 

mis·print noun /ˈmisprint/ a mistake deliberate


This blog is a form of visual storytelling that brings together the Cultured Misprints of the world for discussion of urban culture, youth culture, innovation, art, fashion, music, food, street, inspiration, and other musings. Cultured Misprint supports the spirit of individuality, creativity and originality.

Who are the Cultured Misprints of the world? 

They are the women who find it difficult to fit in and actually have to put an effort into following society’s standards. The only thing is we don’t care. We dance to our own tunes and beat our own drums. We are now confident in who we are and invite others to see us our confidence shine. This blog serves bring together the women of the world who are just a tad bit off and don't care about what people think. This is a culture of misprints and no not misfits- we are not trying to fit in but rather create our own prints.

And where do I fit in?

I don't. I'm not trying to fit in.

But I can tell you that my name is Aissatou and this is my creative outlet where I talk about what I want to, not because it's cool or in trend, but because I think it's cool. Grab a cup a tea (or coffee if that’s what you’re into) and let's discuss oh you know what cultured misprints discuss (because you may never know). But one thing’s for sure: we all have stories. So let’s share them it as we laugh together, feel inspired and transformed.
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