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It's that time of the year again where everyone is posting Valentine's Day outfits and gifts ideas *rolls eyes* But hey if you're doing that I'm definitely not knocking your flow. I love what you're doing over there *avoids getting beat up by more than half of  the blogosphere and Youtubers* To be honest, I've been there done that, so don't mind me.

But, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I just want to remind all of you whether you are single or not, it's okay to be alone. Actually, it's great to be alone! That's how you figure out who you are. You need down time to think and figure yourself out and just be you. Be your own company and walk with confidence and dignity. Show people you can be independent too and don't have to rely or depend on people all the time. And even more than that don't forget to Treat Yo' Self!

I've compiled a list of fun and creative ways that you can #treatyoself every and any day:

Duh. I mean how can you not? Especially if you want to stick to the Valentine's Day spirit, indulge! What is your sweet tooth craving? I have a thing for Oreos, so of course, I'll be making some Oreo truffles and sink my teeth into the milk chocolate exterior until I hit the right spot and feel the Oreos crunch between my teeth.

Maybe you're on a diet, so indulging won't work for you, but don't worry there are still other ways to #treatyoself. When I started college, we had an orientation where we were told to write letters to our future selves. After that they told us to write our address on the envelope and they'd mail it to us four years later (after graduation). I vaguely remember what I wrote and I'm still cringing at the chance that I may move and miss the letter to come in a few more years. But you can avoid this by writing "Open When.." letters to yourself. For example, you can write an "Open're upset" letter and write something inside that'd make you happy so when it does get to that point you can just open it and smile. There are so many letters you can create and show some appreciation for yourself.

People have a habit of listening to love songs and whining about how lonely they are. Personally, I rather not. Instead, forget the love songs (unless that's something you're into) and create a playlist of your favorite songs and dance like no ones watching, unless well someone's actually there watching (please don't embarrass yourself). Play upbeat songs that bring back happy memories for you or play your favorite childhood throwback song or that new Chris Brown song (Ayo has been on repeat for me lately).

You want to incorporate something more Valentine's Day-esque into your plans? I'd say watch movie in a different language, specifically French- ah the language of love. But watch it with subtitles of course, unless well you're fluent (I'm on my way there guys-put something french here-). Soon I will be watching Ernest & Celestine (a childhood storybook I used to read in grade school). Why haven't I watched it yet, you ask? I was supposed to watch it with my friends, but they watched it without me-so fake- but that's a story for another time.

Self- appreciation and self-love is more important than anything, but once you get to a point of self-love and appreciation, it's time to spread the love.  As you get older, sometimes its hard to make as much time as you used to for friends especially when you're all doing big (& different) things. But, it's nice to get together and plan a girls night in or slumber party and just catch up. Dorming makes it easier for me to schedule sleepovers and catch up with friends to see what they are up to. To make it even more fun, do something Secret Santa-esque. 

When single or not, people can fall into a habit of not appreciating or acknowledging the important people in their lives. Use Valentine's Day as a simple reminder to both appreciate yourself and also let others know how much they mean to you.

And let me know in the comments below, how do you #treatyoself  and loved ones?
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