Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lessons Learned|| Feeling Myself

Story time everyone. Gather 'round for story time. It was a chilly, spring night and I was cramming for my final exams. But that didn't stop me from scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on my phone every now and then until my thumb landed on the silent autoplay video of Beyonce's & Nicki's Feeling Myself.  I refused to click on the video to hear the audio and instead I encouraged myself to focus. And there's how I missed my chance to see the leaked Tidal video. 

Yet I saw enough of it to be captivated by all the fashion. I'm pretty sure many of us have seen some semblance of the video by now, but if you haven't here's the teaser for your viewing pleasure:

Many sites have already put together a shopping list with most of the pieces in this Coachella festival themed video, but unless you're willing to shell out $10,495 for Nicki's Chloe fur jacket, I think I'll just pull together pieces from my closet and put together my own pieces inspired by Feeling Myself. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the video that I'll apply while scrummaging through my closet:

Lesson #1: One pieces are always better than bikinis. I lied, actually not really. For most people, bikinis are preferable (or so it may seem). I mean what could be better than bearing it all except for your cherished parts (insert sarcasm).  I prefer to cover more up; I like my tankinis. I'd also like to save the abs I'm working on to myself.  If you can pull off a bikini, you can rock almost anything.

Lesson #2: Leather caps and bucket hats are the way to go. I've been switching between my leather cap, flat cap and bowler hat throughout the year. Now I just have to add the bucket hat to my list.

Lesson #3:  I only remember wearing overalls once during my childhood. Plus I'm really cringing at the thought of being considered an adult so I might invest in a pair of overalls to revel in my childhood thoughts. Who says you can't bring your childhood fun (and style) into your adulthood anyway? Also I'm glad that I'm not the only one who prefers being barefoot. Ain't no shame in the game. I love the feeling of sand sifting through my toes.

Lesson #4: I hated turtlenecks while I was in elementary school As much as I detested them, they came in handy for those frosty New York winters and now they have become a year-round staple. You can wear them this summer too!

Lesson #5: There's definitely more to festival style than fringe and flower crowns.  And as much of a opponent I am to wearing black during the winter, don't be afraid to wear that "all-black everything" this summer.  

And finally, remember to have fun- burgers and friends may find their way on my plans.

What are your plans for this summer (in style or in general)?

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  1. Indeed Turtle necks and denim overalls are just here to stay. Nice Reflection.

  2. I cannot wait to watch the full video. Nicki and Bey are amazing. I prefer one pieces to bikinis too. Thank you for your lovely comment.xx

  3. Aww this is a cool post! I enjoyed reading it!
    Love the song and I can not wait to watch the whole video!

  4. I love how you recreated the outfits, yours looks so much better


    The Color Palette

  5. First time hearing this song...don't mind me though. I been busy lately lol. Nice picks though.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Loving these. That song is great!

  7. This post is too cute! I seriously enjoyed reading it. Great clothing picks too.



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