Monday, October 6, 2014

Global Citizen Festival

This semester is well under way. And with midterms are just around the corner, everything is starting to build up including the number of pages I have yet to read for my international relations course, which I should be reading right Time is ticks faster and faster as I struggle to juggle books between classes and club meetings. When I hear a strange, faint noise in the background, I remember it's my stomach as I try to pencil in both food and sleep into my daily schedule (oh, how I dread looking at the bags under my eyes that seem to get heavier and heavier everyday). So you know when I had a chance to distance myself from those piles of the infinite bullets of what I call my to do lists, I took it. 

I had the opportunity to go the Global Citizen's Festival, which is a benefit concert, whose goal is to bring awareness to the citizens of the world that fighting extreme poverty by the year 2030 is possible. The festival coincided with the United Nations General Assembly meeting, thus many world leaders stopped by and attended the festival (I say this casually as if it isn't a big deal, but believe me it is) including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (my friend, who went with me was Indian and was so excited to see him) and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to support the anti-poverty campaign.

But I was also excited for the amazing line-up of musicians (some that I've heard of and some not) including No Doubt, Fun., Tiesto and Carrie Underwood. I've decided that even though country music is not my cup of tea, Carrie Underwood is amazing. Rock wasn't my cup of tea either until I saw No Doubt with Gwen Stefani and the lead bassist Tony Kanal.

But the best part of the night that we were all waiting for was Jay Z!
And guess who he brought out with him... 

It's funny because while my friend and I waited on the line I showed her the video of Jay Z and Beyoncé on their "On The Run" tour and guess what, they preformed the same thing. I didn't get amazing footage of the festival since I was dancing and recording at the same time. But here's a video of Jay and his bae, Bey (see what I did there) in Paris for the last performance for their tour (which is very similar to their performance at the festival).

After the event ended, I wanted to go home with them and be Blue Ivy's sister (I have officially joined the bandwagon). Their stage presence was so amazing that I have yet to recover from their performance. I'm still in awe. What an amazing night (what an amazing distraction from school, I mean what better people to be distracted by than them) and did I forget to mention it was my first concert.

But, besides distracting myself with the concert, I've also found another distraction, Instagram! As if Facebook and Tumblr weren't enough already. I've tried to avoid Instagram for so long, but I caved last week by accident (don't ask it's a long story). So if you have an Instagram follow me (@justaise) and leave your instagram name below so I can follow back. I mean if I'm going to be distracted anyway, why not be distracted with amazing pictures of my followers.

What do you do to get away from your busy life or to distract yourself?

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  1. You look so pretty and laid back. You are so lucky! You got to watch Jay Z and Bey in concert! That's on my bucket list. xx

  2. Omg Jay-Z and Bey! Ahh!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog x

  3. Aww that's awesome! I wouldve likedto see all of those performances! Sometimes u gotta make time to do fun things regardless of how busy you are...enjoy life.
    I blog over at I'll follow your blog & IG! Definitely need new ppl to follow !

    My IG: @Shamiyalovett

  4. Beautiful pictures; I can tell you had a great time.

  5. That's so amazing! I love The Carters (less so now with all the controversy they haul 24/7)


  6. oh wow, looks like you had a lot of fun at the festival , i don't like Rock that much too but i wish i could have attended this. Great post.

  7. You look beautiful, and the looks like you had fun in the festival. @icelaw_ on Instagram

  8. Haha don't we all cave in and out of this social media thing , we all just find a balance.. Even better you're onvolved and you were able to go for the concert! Love your smile, FLAWLESS !

    P.S - welcome to IG :)

    Coco L'Amour


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